I believe in equitable, accessible, and public education. Too many schools in the 66th have been left behind. All children should have the services they need to succeed. In Virginia, this means ensuring that:

  • Our schools are not privatized
  • Social workers and nurses are in every school
  • Educators are paid fairly
  • Facilities are safe regardless of zip code

Health Care

As this pandemic drags on, it is increasingly obvious how inequitable our healthcare system is. We need broad changes so that health care:

  • Prioritizes care, not profits
  • Is effective, equitable, affordable, and accessible
  • Includes mental health and addiction services
  • Helps practitioners at all levels deal with the crisis


Police Reform

The system is broken. It just is. Even the best police officer cannot do the job of a social worker, teacher, or addiction counselor. We need sweeping reforms, including:

  • Reallocating police resources to provide proper support for our communities
  • Creating a space where every social ill is not address by arrest
  • Eliminating for-profit prisons

Workers’ Rights

No matter the job, education level, or geography, workers have the right to be fairly compensated for their labor and to work in a safe environment. For too long, our labor policy has disregarded the low-wage earners we count on. Workers need us to:

  • Ensure a living wage
  • Limit corporate influence in government
  • Establish a workers’ bill of rights
  • Support unions and unionized staff
Katie Sponsler and Tim Kaine

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    The Environment

    Our children deserve the safety of clean air and water. They deserve politicians who not only believe in climate science, but believe in addressing it. Environmental justice starts by addressing where and how we expel waste. Here in the 66th we have specific challenges to face:

    • Virginia is the second-largest importer of solid waste in the country, and that garbage is disproportionately landfilled here
    • Multiple zip codes top the list for poor air quality

    Governance Reform

    The way our elections and government work is broken, especially here in Virginia. Virginia politicians face some of the loosest ethics rules in the U.S. We need major, immediate changes to make our elections free and fair and to keep our representatives open and honest. That includes:

    • Curbing the oversized influence of utilitiy companies on elections
    • Establishing limits to individual and corporate giving
    • Increasing transparency for legislative committees and subcommittees